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Bauman Associates Services


From traditional tax and accounting to technology and human resources consulting, we offer a diverse and integrated range of services to help your business succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

When it comes to delivering services, our approach is simple – we’re committed to you. This means we listen, ask questions and remain beside you as we bring to bear our deep technical experience. We respond to your questions and proactively keep you abreast on the status of your work, speaking in a language you understand.

No matter which services you choose, you’ll see one thing in common: everything we do is customized to meet your unique needs.


Financial reporting and compliance are not at the top of most organizations’ lists of “things we enjoy doing.” But while the requirements aren’t exactly fun, that doesn’t mean that fulfilling them has to be a miserable experience.

Attest Services
Tax Services


We know taxes are more than financial chores required by the government. With the right strategy and careful planning, we ensure you are compliant while keeping as much of your revenue as possible. But ultimately, preparing your yearly tax return is only a small part of what we do for you and your business.


Our team of experts brings you executive-level experience and knowledge without the commitment of a full-time hire. From the start, we take the time to learn your business in depth. We assess your goals, review your financials and systems and create a plan to make your organization more efficient and profitable.

Outsourcing Services
Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Business bookkeeping and payroll are more than just tracking numbers and plugging them into spreadsheets. It takes a trained eye to see through those numbers, understands their full significance, and ensure you understand how to use that information to run your business.


Offering precise insights tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're assessing real estate, business assets, or personal investments, our expert team utilizes cutting-edge methodologies to deliver accurate and comprehensive valuations. From determining market value to uncovering potential growth opportunities, we provide the clarity you need to make informed decisions with confidence. 

Valuation Services
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