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Bauman Associates is a medium-sized firm located in Eau Claire and Hudson, Wisconsin. With our firm size, we can provide our interns with one-on-one training and guidance with our accountants, principals, and clients. Throughout this internship, tax and audit will be the primary focus with opportunities to work within payroll, bookkeeping, and outsourcing. Our interns have a variety of mentors – this allows our incoming interns to feel comfortable, build relationships, be included in the firm, etc.

The tax and audit internship is a very flexible position with dates varying around January through April. Our firm attends career fairs throughout Wisconsin – Eau Claire, La Crosse, Oshkosh, St. Norbert, Madison, Whitewater, and more! Each year, we look to bring on between 6-10 interns with the potential to be hired full-time after graduation.


Bauman continues to improve our internship program by understanding and assisting our interns with their needs. As a firm, we understand the importance of a work-life balance which is why we are flexible when it comes to schedules, hours, start & end dates, etc. Unlike many firms, at Bauman’s our interns work directly with the responsible accountants, principals, and clients. With this direct contact, interns can learn and develop their skills effectively.

We have found that first-year interns learn and adapt best while in the office. Therefore, Bauman provides housing for traveling interns. This relieves financial stress from selected interns while still allowing them to be most effective in their learning and work. For those students who choose to continue the internship program past year one, remote and hybrid work is an option. Bauman offers competitive pay and yearly increases.


Bauman Associates encourages all interested students and graduates to apply. 

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