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Employee Benefit Plans


More than just an audit

At Bauman Associates, our goal is to go above and beyond expectations by training staff specifically for handling these specialized engagements. Meeting the stringent requirements that are unique to these plans is no small task and takes a specially trained eye to assist in becoming and remaining compliant. Because of our focused training and knowledge, our employee benefit plan audit process is done with a timely turnaround that produces as few interruptions as possible.

With the Department of Labor conducting more audits than ever before, it is vital to work with a firm with the proven experience and knowledge needed to help you stay in compliance.

A few ways we can help: 

Expert Team Member

  • Collective bargaining agreements

  • Training/apprentice programs

  • Portability of benefits and reciprocal agreements

  • Dollar/hour banks

  • Payroll audits

  • Expense allocations

715-833-2650 Ext. 159
Let our professionals use their relationships and knowledge to develop your employee benefit plans! 
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